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In the month of July 2012…

September 28, 2012

It was complete torture waiting for my M3 to arrive from Texas. It took about a week and a half for them to deliver it to my house. The feelings I felt seeing that car roll down the street on top of the trailer are unexplainable. The first BMW you have ever owned is finally here, after a trip halfway across the country to buy it. It felt like a great accomplishment honestly, and it still does. I am proud of myself.

When the M3 was unloaded from the trailer, the first thing I did was pull it into the driveway to give it a nice wash, it was filthy from the trip.

This car is such a joy to drive. Just like BMW says, this car is the pinnacle of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Even though this car is amazing from BMW, of course I felt that I still had to modify the car to make it “mine”. I wasted no time spending money on small changes for my M3. First up was gloss black kidney grills to replace the the factory chrome counter-part, and color-matched bumper reflectors to replace the ugly orange pieces in the bumper.

After I got a couple small changes out of the way, I decided it was time for some bigger changes. I placed an order for the Macht Schnell Stage 2 intake kit. The kit came with larger intake pipes, a more free-flowing air filter, and intake scoops that mount behind the kidney grills to help guide air into the intake chamber. While some speculate that these aftermarket intake kits are a waste of money, I am happy with this kit. The result was a very noticeable increase in acceleration in the mid to high rpm range, along with a much throatier sound.

My final “big” modification for July consisted of taking a two hour trip up to north New Jersey for a stop at AutoCouture Motoring ( I had them modify my OEM exhaust for a very large increase in sound. They call the ACM Exhaust Mod. I feel that a car like the M3 should not be quiet, it is a car that deserves to make itself known. The V8 in this car is such an amazing creation, why would anyone not want to hear it? At the time, I did not take any pictures or videos of these two mods, but I am sure I will be posting up some pictures/videos soon!

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