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In the month of July 2012…

September 28, 2012

It was complete torture waiting for my M3 to arrive from Texas. It took about a week and a half for them to deliver it to my house. The feelings I felt seeing that car roll down the street on top of the trailer are unexplainable. The first BMW you have ever owned is finally here, after a trip halfway across the country to buy it. It felt like a great accomplishment honestly, and it still does. I am proud of myself.

When the M3 was unloaded from the trailer, the first thing I did was pull it into the driveway to give it a nice wash, it was filthy from the trip.

This car is such a joy to drive. Just like BMW says, this car is the pinnacle of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Even though this car is amazing from BMW, of course I felt that I still had to modify the car to make it “mine”. I wasted no time spending money on small changes for my M3. First up was gloss black kidney grills to replace the the factory chrome counter-part, and color-matched bumper reflectors to replace the ugly orange pieces in the bumper.

After I got a couple small changes out of the way, I decided it was time for some bigger changes. I placed an order for the Macht Schnell Stage 2 intake kit. The kit came with larger intake pipes, a more free-flowing air filter, and intake scoops that mount behind the kidney grills to help guide air into the intake chamber. While some speculate that these aftermarket intake kits are a waste of money, I am happy with this kit. The result was a very noticeable increase in acceleration in the mid to high rpm range, along with a much throatier sound.

My final “big” modification for July consisted of taking a two hour trip up to north New Jersey for a stop at AutoCouture Motoring ( I had them modify my OEM exhaust for a very large increase in sound. They call the ACM Exhaust Mod. I feel that a car like the M3 should not be quiet, it is a car that deserves to make itself known. The V8 in this car is such an amazing creation, why would anyone not want to hear it? At the time, I did not take any pictures or videos of these two mods, but I am sure I will be posting up some pictures/videos soon!


Starting things off: The Introduction to the BMW world.

September 27, 2012

I can’t say what made me change my mind and sell my old car (Honda S2000), but I can say it was a decision I don’t regret. After I had the thought of owning a BMW M3 in my head, I knew I couldn’t let myself down.

It all began with taking all of the aftermarket parts off of my S2000 and putting them up for sale. I returned the car to a factory state so it would be more appealing to the buying crowd. The whole process took over a month, but I knew I couldn’t give up. I was able to put the S2000 up for sale in early June of 2012. Now I just had to wait for the right person to come along!

I was able to work out a deal with an awesome buyer who was interested in the car. Everything worked out great, and I was ready to look for my BMW M3. I figured there was no better place to look than BMW’s website ( Now before starting my search for an M3, I knew it had to be red. I also wanted it to have certain options that were offered by BMW. So with that in mind I set out on a search for a pre-owned M3.

There was only about 60 different M3’s to choose from, with only 4 or 5 being Melbourne Red. Most of the red ones had beige interior which I HATE. Luckily though, I found one with all black interior. It also had navigation, and a carbon fiber roof (which I wanted), and it had a 6 speed manual transmission (I would not have settled for a smg/auto gearbox). I had finally found the car that I wanted! The only problem was, the car was in Texas (mind you I live in New Jersey).

Without hesitation I e-mailed the BMW dealer it was located at to make sure they still had the car (BMW of Austin). They said they did, and they asked me if I wanted to take it for a test drive. I explained to them my situation and my picky-ness for finding the right M3. He agreed these cars were hard to find, and didn’t blame me for be interested in the M3, even though it was halfway across the United States.

What ensued was many phone calls, a lot of faxes, and a whole bunch of paperwork. Once I knew I was approved for the M3, I booked my flight from NJ to TX so sign all of the paperwork. My trip was scheduled for June 26th, a day flight to TX and back. I flew out there early in the morning to arrive at the dealership at a decent time. It was a very hectic day, but before returning to NJ I was able to make it into Austin, TX to grab some food on famous 6th Street.

Taken at the BMW dealer in Austin, TX:

Now if you have read this far, you must be wondering how the M3 was getting to NJ, right? Well, I called a few car shipping companies before I flew to TX, and was able to seal a deal to have my M3 shipped from TX to NJ. It arrived at my house July 2nd!